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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 24, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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on. i'll take you through the hour by hour time line. >> we'll watch how that overnight rain effects your morning commute coming up. a live look outside. a beautiful start to a thursday morning, january 24th. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. a teenager struggles and breaks through during an attack that could have turned into a kidnapping and now police are expected to get the first look at newly discovered surveillance video that could help them track down that suspect. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live outside of san jose police department right now and headquarters there with more on the investigation. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. this is video that first aired on nbc bay area. it's surveillance tape footage that shows the attempted abduction of this young girl.
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video that police do want to look at. they'll do that sometime later today. we obtained this video from surveillance camera of a man that lives on east st. james and north 33rd streets. the street where the abduction took place last friday morning at 6:10 in the morning. the video is dark and drainy. behind that suv you can see an interaction between two figures that lasts less than 30 seconds. we believe that is a grown adult man trying to drag into a driveway a 13-year-old girl on her way to school. she does escape. dashing off to the right side of your screen. a neighbor was alerted to what was going on after she heard this young woman screaming. >> i saw a little girl running to the right side of east st. james and big, tall, skinny guy run toward the left side. >> it was a frightening situation for her. she fought back and was able to escape the perpetrator.
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>> reporter: that perpetrator police are trying to find. they released this sketch of this man. most distinguishing characteristic is he has a mustache. he's hispanic around 25 to 35 years old, 5'10", thin to medium build. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." san jose police are investigating the city's second homicide of the year. a woman found shot on panselle court yesterday afternoon. officers are trying to figure out what led up to the shooting. mercury news reports the woman was running a small neighborhood convenience store out of that apartment. the paper says the business was licensed under the name ana's cigarettes. so far no arrests. a limo driver is dead after just a bizarre accident leaves him pinned between his limousine and a parked car in san francisco. the driver got stuck trying to stop his limo from rolling down
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a hill near post and taylor streets earlier this week. he later died at a nearby hospital. police right now still trying to figure out exactly why the limo was rolling down the hill in the first place. 6:03. new this morning, marin county water works trying to figure out if a street is in danger of collapsing after an early morning water main break. it is happening near st. francis drake boulevard. chp officers tell us at one point the water was shooting six feet into the air at the rate of 1,500 gallons a minute for 90 minutes. the break has now been capped but 13 customers are now without water. officials say they'll spend the next six to eight hours digging up the street to make a permanent fix and determine if the road is still structurally sound. christie smith is at the scene gathering the latest information for us. she'll have an update at 6:45. >> big-time mess out there. let's bring in mike inouye. that break looks like a very
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busy street. how is that affecting traffic? >> you heard laura talk about sir francis drake drive. that roadway is open. christie smith continues to reaffirm that. that's good news to and from 101 coming through san rafael. we're looking over here to san rafael flow of traffic picking up. slick roadways and maybe some low visibility through santa rosa and heading down into this area. just keep that in mind. be careful. we'll get another live look at 101 on the peninsula northbound with taillights toward willow where there was a second of morning traffic breaks that just took place. it's okay with lights. the sensors were showing slowdown on the map northbound toward the area but that just cleared. there was earlier garbage spilled on lanes near the willow and marsh areas that cleared from slowing. we'll look at south bay with a smooth drive northbound. there's slowing showing up center of your screen north 280 around 880 but no incidents there. 101 we typically see this burst
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second of the morning hitting and sticking now north of 680. we'll find 87 slow into downtown as well. getting a look at the southbound commutes through east bay, a little bit of company for you heading through hayward that will cause slowing through there and into union city for southbound 880. one more shot out there. we'll bring you the bay bridge approach coming up in the next report. right now i want to head out to christina. overnight rain. what do we have? >> slick conditions, mike. the good news is most of the shower activity is confined to the south of san jose mostly impacting places gilroy to morgan hill on 101 and we're not seeing a lot of activity but your roadways are nice and slick out there this morning. fog is developing. it's one of those mornings you don't want to race out the front door to take off to work. give yourself enough time this morning. mostly dry widening out for you the fog that will cause you to use your windshield wipers this morning especially along the peninsula. look at where temperatures are. this is good news. 50 degrees to start in
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livermore. 50 degrees in san jose. 52 in sunnyvale. a couple days last week where we didn't even hit 50s. a welcome change. as we head throughout the afternoon, highs in the upper 50s. a few more showers later this evening. mostly in the south bay as you saw the nature of those showers are sneaking up from the south pushing to the north. that's the case throughout the afternoon. overall you don't need to take your umbrella if you're going to be outdoors just make it quick. you can get to the car. pesky showers out there this morning. the full forecast in a few minutes. back to you, laura and jon. >> thanks so much. 6:06. ambitious and optimistic. two words that don't usually go hand in hand when talking about california's state of the state address until today. "today in the bay's" marla tellez joins us live in our newsroom. this is the first time in a decade that the state budget is back in the black. a huge feat for this state. >> not only are we back in the black, we are enjoying a surplus. imagine that. a surplus of about $851 million.
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not too shabby for governor brown who opened his first state of the state address just two years ago describing what would be a "extraordinarily difficult and wrenching legislative session." that's what he faced in 2011. fast forward to 2013. you would think he has it made. he certainly has proven he can balance a budget. now that he has done that, he could face more opposition and from his own party. this is because for the first time since about 130 years ago or so, the democrats ruled both chambers of the legislature with super majorities which gives them the authority to override any brown veto and because many democrats are more liberal than he is, he could be in for more spending than he would like. they may want to restore spending to social services that have endured serious cuts over the last couple years. we'll see. governor brown is expected to use this morning's state of the state address to highlight a few
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of his pet projects including the high-speed rail project, his hope to overall the state's landmark environmental law and change how california school districts are funded. we'll be streaming the state of the state live on our website. that's and it all gets started at 9:00 this morning. we also have a crew at the state capitol and we will bring you a live report from sacramento during our 11:00 a.m. newscast. laura and jon? >> thank you. coming up, is he the victim of a hoax or in on that plot? what manti te'o is telling katie couric in his first tv interview since the online scandal first surfaced. quest for six. full 49ers coverage including how the niners quarterback is making himself a household name and why the nfl is acting like the fashion police just ahead. 22 minutes until the open of the market with apple weighing
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heavily on investors' minds. we'll look at numbers coming up. a look outside live at the hp pavilion after sharks start out 2-0 on the road. they have the home opener tonight taking on phoenix coyotes. we're back in a matter of minutes. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. welcome back. a live look spanning over san francisco international airport for you. you can see some traffic there starting to fill up on the roadways. mike inouye will fill you in. christina loren telling us about a nice start to the day. do expect showers now and then around the bay area. it's 6:11. for the very first time, notre dame football star manti te'o speaking out about a hoax involving his dead girlfriend who never existed. te'o speaking to katie couric in an exclusive interview that's set to air this afternoon. >> you stuck to the script.
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you knew that something was amiss, manti. >> correct. >> why? >> well, anybody puts themselves in my situation. katie, put yourself in my situation. my whole world told me that she died on september 12th. everybody knew that. this girl who i committed myself to died on september 12th. now i get a phone call on december 6th saying that she's alive and then i'm going to be put on national tv two days later and they ask me the same question. what would you do? >> no matter what, still a strange and bizarre story. te'o's parents were also part of that interview and say there's no way their son is in on this hoax. 6:12. here's a quick check of some of the day's top stories. outgoing defense secretary leon panetta is set to announce the pentagon is reversing its stance
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on women serving on the front lines. the official ban on female troops serving on the front lines has been in place since 1994. opening arguments under way in the trial of five men accused of deadly gang raping a woman aboard a new delhi bus. a sixth suspect will be tried in juvenile court. and three people now in custody after a raging fire at a vacant building in oakland. firefighters say it appears squatters started the fire at a three-story building on harrison street. no one was hurt. the markets looking at a huge hit on apple. >> apple will likely drag the whole nasdaq index lower. apple is a major part of that measurement. the company reported incredible revenue but did not sell as many devices as analysts expected and that was enough to sink the stock in premarket trading. it hit an all-time high recently
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on expectations the rocket-like growth would continue and we're just not seeing that. now, one interesting tidbit. sales dipped cannibalized by the ipad. here's the downward trend for apple. keep in mind the numbers are before last night's financial report. that's actually here last night's financial report. 46.5 to the negative. one-day loss of nearly 10%. these are premarket numbers. apple closed yesterday before the news at 514. and profits reported last night saying they are getting smashed by the move to mobile. you'll have problems if no one is buying computers. this is a rule. look at facebook struggling with mobile. anything associated with that
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old sit at the desk computer is going to face uncertainty. >> things change so quickly. >> it's all about being mobile. thank you very much. we've got your app right here sitting at the desk. christina has a look at the forecast including the sierra. >> last weekend was a beach weekend. this weekend looking more like a ski weekend. good morning to you. i want to bring in brian. he joins us on the phone from squaw valley with a look at the conditions on the slopes. you guys get any new snow is the big question everyone in the bay area wants to know. >> good morning, christina. we did. we got two inches over here at squaw and another inch at alpine. it's still lightly snowing up at the top and i guess it's expected to continue through the morning. conditions are going to be great today. >> they are looking really good. i was checking up on everything. what would you say we're looking like at the base? do you think higher elevations skiing and snowboarding is more choice than what we have at the base?
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>> it is. it's a difference of about 2,000 feet from base to high camp to summit area. skiing up there will be a little bit better. not bad down here. it's got a little wintry mix right now down here. >> all right. thank you very much. it is going to be phenomenal for skiing because you're going to get to get out without having the slush if you are going to head out there on friday. today a mix of rain and snow. we do have an inch of new powder in alpine meadows area and squaw valley has two inches. looking good there. temperatures will be chilly. not too bad. you can go on the slopes with maybe some overalls but protect your skin. spf 30 necessary with sunshine in the forecast. rain is back in the forecast for us. it feels refreshing. i've had quite a few posts on my facebook page about how much people miss the rain. good news is we have more in store for you as we get through the weekend. nothing heavy. nothing that would force you to cancel any sort of plans. as i widen out, you can see most of the bay area getting an
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opportunity to dry out. thick fog out there and more to develop at 7:00 a.m. lingering activity over the local mountains. western facing slopes surrounding san jose. thick patches of fog. by 11:00, we'll see clouds thin out. it will be a cloudy, soupy day out there. heading through the evening, expecting showers to return moving from the south to north. south bay has a better chance of seeing showers. subtropical moisture tap continues. that's why it feels mild out there. temperatures this morning in the upper 40s and low 50s. not too bad in that department. we're only going to reach low 50s in some cities. especially at the coast. meanwhile, inland cities will see 50s and 60s today. quite a few 60s in fact in places like san jose at 61 degrees. 62 for you in los gatos. 63 in santa cruz. as we head throughout friday into saturday, lingering chance for a shower continues. you'll be able to get outdoors for both parts of the afternoon hours. mostly between 2:00 and 6:00 on friday and then if you want to get outdoors on saturday into sunday, you will have options
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with just a stray shower from time to time. monday into tuesday looking good. sun comes out. temperatures stay nice and mild. not going to fluctuate too much. let's find out how the drive is changing. always is this time. >> good morning. that's when big change happens. you are looking at taillights backed up. the metering lights off frame here and backup fills in so first metering lights turn on and then it takes about three minutes for this to fill in to the toll plaza and then the backup goes to the end of the parking lot. that's why there's a lag between when lights are on and when we see the backup on other cameras as well. that's about the worst of it as far as flow of traffic approaching the bay bridge. east shore freeway moves smoothly as does caldecott and approaches out of oakland. we have a smooth and easy drive coming through walnut creek although we expect the southbound side to -- there it goes. slowing right about now. right on cue. thank you, sensors. we're looking to the tri-valley. typical build coming into pleasanton and dublin out of livermore area. no big surprises.
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maybe slick roadways and fog developing in spots in the north bay but we don't see big surprises. castro valley y is the surprise. lighter flow here and south 880 toward hayward into free throw-month for the build. speeds about 50. that's not bad. across the san mateo bridge, a look on the peninsula side catching up with folks off the high rise. look at the spacing. lighter flow for 92 approaching 101 and another quick check live look at 101 throughout san jose. this is about the worst of it just north of that 680/280 interchange. speeds are good right now. still in the 50s approaching and that's about it. although downtown we're starting to get more company now for 87. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. starting tonight, it's the first of a benefit concerts for injured giants fan brian stow. first up, giants third base coach tim flannery and his band will take the stage in redwood city at the fox theater at 9:00 p.m. organizers say all proceeds will be given to the stow foundation.
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another concert will be held tomorrow in mill valley. the band will also perform in napa on saturday and then the concert series wraps up this sunday in santa cruz. great stuff. >> nice event. 6:20. coming up, the whole nine yards. complete 49ers coverage including frank gore's expensive run in with a fashion police just ahead. a live look outside. that's the golden gate bridge. mike has been telling us about traffic. wet conditions out there. be prepared if you're going out. just take it slow and easy to be safe. we'll give you full detail coming up. it's 6:20.
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welcome back. a live look over san jose this morning before the sun comes up. a nice start. comfortable temperatures out there. christina loren is telling us a good start to the day. showers on the way. mike will tell you about roads coming up. it's 6:23. now to the 49ers and the quest for six. this morning the nfl acting more like the fashion police. the league is fining niners running back frank gore $10,500 for wearing his socks too low during sunday's victory against the falcons. >> seriously? >> this is gore's second uniform violation this season. >> wow. >> for ten grand, i'll pull them up. speaking of victory over the falcons, plenty of us saw it in
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realtime. you can catch it in warp speed. 49ers posting this very cool time lapse video that shows the entire game from start to finish. touchdown. if you want to see the whole thing over, head over to >> the quarterback gets a lot of talk. he led the niners to victory trademarking that name for signature move. you saw it. collin kaepernick. he's filing papers to trademark the term kaepernicking. it's a verb that refers to the quarterback's tradition of kissing that bicep. let's see it one more time here. kaepernick plans to use the term on clothing and t-shirts already really popular and some of the proceeds from that merchandise sold will be donated to a charity. >> that's great. this is also cool too. congresswoman nancy pelosi may have been born in baltimore but she says she still pledging her allegiance to those mighty
6:25 am
49ers. pelosi politically correct when talking to reporters saying i'm rooting for the 49ers. i'm not rooting against the ravens. >> i want to see her do a kaepernick. >> she might if they win. >> we're going to have continuing coverage of the 49ers quest for the sixth super bowl trophy. more journalists on the ground in new orleans than any other local station. you can catch it on air and online at >> a week from this coming sunday cannot get here soon enough. christina loren is here to talk about what's happening outside. a nice start. warm, comfortable. >> how about 49 degrees. how does that grab you? >> yeah. >> it's a sign. >> my cleverness shocks me sometimes. 50 degrees in livermore. 50 in san jose. 49 in concord and gilroy. heading through the afternoon hours, we'll touch on the low 60s, upper 50s today with a few showers in the mix. not too bad especially when you consider chicago right now at 7 degrees with windchill making it
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feel like negative 8. glad to wake up in california. mike is here to help you get to work. >> overnight rains so there are slick roadways. keep that in mind especially off-ramps at freeway speed. no spinouts reported just right now. south 880 picking up volume coming through fremont past auto mall parkway sign and smooth into milpitas and south bay. we'll look at the peninsula as well where 101 at university picking up volume quite a bit but still speeds at the limit all of the way through palo alto past willow where we had an earlier traffic break that cleared the debris and cleared the roadway up in through san mateo and the city. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much. when you go out whale watching you're lucky to see one or two out there. in southern california, whale watchers are more than they bargained for. a massive pot of gray whales spotted yesterday in the waters. 23 whales were counted. that's the most seen at one time
6:27 am
along california's coast in almost 30 years. very cool to see. >> very. it's 6:27. still ahead, high tech hangout with joe biden. we'll tell you how you can chat directly with the vice president today. >> i want to hang out with the vice president. he's cool. a new twist on an old crusade from the bay area to capitol hill. we'll tell you what's different about dianne feinstein's assault weapons ban this time around and the uphill battle she faces getting it passed. a live look outside this morning overlooking san jose. all quiet in front of -- it used to be christmas in the park. christina has a look at the forecast. it's warmer.
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chatting with the vice president. we'll tell you how you can just hang out and chat with joe biden just ahead. >> that sounds very cool. now we take you to new york for the ringing of the bell. the start of the day on wall street. we'll let you know how the apple
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slide is affecting all of the numbers out there on this thursday, january 24th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. thank you for getting up early with us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning senator dianne feinstein begins her fourth full term by pushing the same message she fought for at the start of her career. a ban on assault weapons. feinstein of course first got involved with gun control 34 years ago when san francisco mayor and supervisor were killed by a former county supervisor. feinstein became the mayor of san francisco in the wake of those shootings. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live on capitol hill this morning. senator feinstein is expected to introduce her new bill less than two hours from now. break it down for us. what does it say? >> as a gun ban it would include
6:31 am
banning transfer of specifically weapons named which could be handguns and shotguns. it would strengthen the '94 ban because of the characteristic test. a weapon would have to meet only one, not too characteristics to be included in this ban and it would ban high capacity ammunition. magazine of over ten clips. >> what type of guns are designated as assault weapons? >> there are 900 specific weapons for hunting and other sports that are not included in this ban. it would ban magazines greater than ten rounds, no thumbhole stocks, no detachable magazines and no military characteristics. it's going to be tough. nra will fight this one tooth and nail. the president has been pushing
6:32 am
for a ban but on capitol hill the word is it will be very tough to get through. the president acknowledged that. and democrats are unwilling to engage the conversation with everything else going on. uphill battle. >> one to watch. thank you very much, tracie. vice president joe biden will be going online today to field questions about the administration's gun control campaign. biden will take questions on an interactive video chat. it starts at 10:45 this morning our time. anyone with a google plus account can logon. keeping on that weapons theme, san mateo county holding the first gun buyback program of the year this saturday at the san mateo county event center and fairgrounds. gun owners will get $100 for handguns and up to $200 for assault weapons. the event taking place from 10:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon. people can turn in the guns
6:33 am
absolutely no questions asked. a similar buyback in marin county netted more than 800 weapons. so many people came out that officials ran out of money and they ended up having to issue ious. good deal there. all right. talking about a bit of a soggy morning. we take a live look outside this morning at the golden gate bridge. the question is how long will the rain last? >> to find out that answer, we bring in christina loren. she has it all for us watching the skies for us. >> i wish i could simplify that answer. truth is we'll see slight chances for rain all of the way from today, tomorrow and into sunday the first part of monday as well. but they are hit or miss. you'll be able to get outdoors from time to time without getting rained on. i'll take you through future cast in my next report. 50 degrees to start in san jose. very welcome change. it's not that frigid out there. as a result, temperatures will climb into the upper 50s by 4:00 p.m. we're going to see 60s today. fog will be a factor. make sure you give yourself
6:34 am
plenty of time to reach your destination safely this morning. we'll take you to that seven-day forecast in my next report. first, we want to take a look at your drive to see how showers are impacting roads. >> they are impacting advice we're giving which is to slow down a bit because of slick roadways. the fog may be an issue for you. i showed you over my shoulder backup at the toll plaza. it's there. here's the south bay where the changes are really happening right now. bottom of your screen. you see north 85 slowing now. just kicking in over the last ten minutes. also for 87 over at the right side of your screen coming into downtown. we do have a build coming on right now. notice at the bottom of your screen, north 280 toward downtown heavier flow and san jose state the classes get sorted out by schedules and students and we'll see that shift over the next couple weeks. north 101 slow from 680 up toward 880 and another issue.
6:35 am
this is 101. a couple lanes blocked by a crash. if it doesn't clear in the next few, it could cause a big backup out of san jose and into sunnyva sunnyvale. i'll track that for you. slowing on 237 is a concern out of milpitas. back to you. >> all right. thanks. 6:35 right now. still ahead, dramatic, distu disturbing and scary video here. a baby flung from a car into traffic. we'll show you the desperate rescue after two very close calls for a little girl. this is coming up just ahead. >> it is so hard to watch. let's take a prettier view outside. this is bay bridge upper deck. looks to be moving smoothly out there. we'll keep checking the morning commute and help you get out the door if that is where you're headed and a look at the day's top news stories. it's 6:35. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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welcome back on a thursday morning. we like to call it friday eve around here. that feels good. traffic right now as we look at san rafael starting to pick up. mike inouye is covering the roads. he'll talk about that. christina is looking at the skies and potential rain. it's 6:38. yesterday we told you about an abandoned chicago warehouse that caught fire and then literally froze over after firefighters us todayed it with water. it's amazing to see. today that fire at the icy warehouse flared up again. you can see it inside there now burning.
6:39 am
this is video from our sister station in chicago. the temperature dropped to ten degrees at night turning that water soaked walls into an ice castle. >> cool to look at but painful to think of how it feels. bad weather forcing rescuers to wait until friday to try to reach a small plane that ends up crashing into a mountain range. the plane was carrying three canadians between scientific research stations down near the south pole. >> look at this. it's almost amazing to see here. disturbing yet dramatic video of a crash that left a baby sitting on an icy russian highway with a truck bearing down on here. it started when the driver of a car was hit by a transport truck. the car flown into the icy roadway. a huge truck swerved and missed her. the girl's father rushed out of the car to pick her up as another truck is headed right after her. traffic police say the 1-year-old girl was not in a car seat and was laying across the
6:40 am
back seat of the car. incredibly they say she was just traumatized but not injured. so lucky to be alive. >> anybody who looks at that especially parents it pulls your heart out. glad she's okay. 6:40 right now. coming up, breaking free after a very scary struggle. we'll tell you how a south bay teen escapes the clutches of a would-be kidnapper and show you the evidence that could help police find the suspect. plus, is this bay area road now in danger of buckling? new details about a water main break that could end up crumbling that bay area roadway. apple shares fall more than $58 this morning after a disappointing financial report. we'll look at the market coming up in just a minute. back live outside. that's the hp pavilion where sharks are back in action tonight. started out 2-0 on the road. looking for more good vibrations at home.
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new this morning, neighbors still without water and a street closed down in a busy marin county neighborhood. that's the fallout from an overnight water main break that sent thousands of gallons of water rushing into the streets. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live right now. there is still a risk on the road pretty big-time, right? >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. i spoke with a supervisor with the water department and he tells me that all of this damage came from a tiny four-inch pipe connected to the fire hydrant knocked over this morning spilling thousands of gallons of water into the street and spraying it into the air. starting around 2:15 this morning spilled about 1,500
6:44 am
gallons of water a minute for 90 minutes straight. water department capped the valve off but the damage to the street is done. the asphalt is lifted up and there are cracks. a firefighter says the pipe was old. >> i don't think anybody hit it. the hydrant doesn't look like it's been hit. usually they get sheared off at the base of the hydrant and this took more of the pipe with it. >> reporter: so people are waking up this morning with no water at all at least to 13 homes. no hot shower. no hot coffee. what they are telling me is they is to dig the street out and see what's there and repair the pipe and they need to refill it and then put more asphalt on top. they are saying that this could take at least eight hours and the reason that people are standing around right now is they can't even start digging until the utilities are marked and that hasn't happened yet.
6:45 am
the neighborhood impacted on this side. can't get in or out. i want to show you this. this is fir francis drake. the main thoroughfare. traffic isn't impacted there. that's good news. just slow getting in and out of the neighborhood. and for more on how traffic is looking elsewhere, i'll turn it over to mike inouye. >> you ended with the most important note for locals in the area. southbound 101 coming through san rafael is your commute direction. that's where things are starting to slow down because of the volume of traffic. you see sir francis drake boulevard marked there. that's what christie was talking about. that main connector on and off 101 is clear. water main just north of there. that's affecting locals who live there but as far as commute through the area you are okay on sir francis drake. let's look at the south bay. that's where things are changing up. northbound 101 seeing a good burst of volume now for this area just north of 680. all of these cars adding up.
6:46 am
you'll see the slowdown at the 680 interchange bthrough the scene and 280 at the interchange downtown traffic picking up as schedules adjust. students are coming in. 85 slow now heading up toward saratoga and 280 slow in and toward lawrence expressway for northbound direction. more problems here. northbound 101 slowing will clear up because the crash just cleared. backup at 237 should take about 20 minutes for that to recover as well. again, that ripple effect once an accident happens backs up on the interchange. south 880 in and south 680 typical east bay commutes. we have a new crash northbound 880. it's off to the shoulder. more action in this whole intersection that just could mean more trouble.
6:47 am
we'll watch that as well ahead. as we move up toward the bay bridge toll plaza, we see a smooth drive across that incline and no major problems. we'll end with a live look there at the maze and the taillights away from us is berkeley curve. that's traffic moving smoothly through the area. a backup off that curve approaching that toll plaza. we'll end with this shot. it's pretty clear from our camera here at emeryville facing down toward that bay bridge. what do you have as far as radar? what does it show? >> quite a bit to show you on the radar this morning. showers coming down steadily especially in the south bay. 6:47 now. widen out for you and you can see the general nature. most of that activity has cleared. we do have deep pockets of fog settling in. so improving air quality is the case for today. the showers have helped us out in that department. thanks for waking up with us. that's good news. here's the bad news. more rain on the way. we stop the clock on future cast at 10:00 a.m. we're not expecting a lot of activity. watch the way the future cast shows you the development of
6:48 am
these showers. they're going to be spotty and hit or miss. you basically want to be ready to run to your car, not going to get you too wet if you have to sustain under the showers any longer than ten minutes. just keep that in mind today. we'll have showers around not just today but tomorrow, saturday, sunday and monday as well with jet stream to our south. highs will be comfortable. 61 in fremont. 61 degrees in san jose. temperatures staying nice and mild through the weekend. a few showers continue sunday and for the first part of monday. back to you, jon and laura. >> thank you very much. 6:48. a teen struggles and then breaks free during an attack that san jose police are calling an attempted kidnapping. now investigators are about to get the first look at newly discovered surveillance video that could help track down the suspect. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live outside of the san jose police department headquarters with more information this morning. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. this is video that first aired on nbc bay area. san jose police tell us they have not been able to look at it yet but they plan to do so
6:49 am
perhaps as early as today. now we were the first station as i mentioned to obtain this from a neighbor's surveillance camera on east st. james street where the attempted abduction took place. the suv does block some of the commotion but the camera captures the moment when a grown man grabs a 13-year-old girl on her way to school and tries to drag her into a driveway. she screams. fights back. and escapes off to the right side of your screen. a neighbor tells us she opened the door to see the girl running away. >> i asked her if you were okay. she was so paranoid and she was just running. she didn't even hear me talking to her. >> reporter: police are still trying to find this man. they released this sketch. the most distinguishing feature is the fact that he has a mustache. they tell us he's hispanic. around 25 to 35 years old. 5'10". thin to medium build. reporting live outside san jose
6:50 am
police headquarters, bob redell, "today in the bay." we have new details this morning in a home invasion case that has rattled one of san jose's safest neighborhoods. police say both cars stolen from an elderly couple in san jose have now been found. one was found abandoned near hollister. the other was found submerged in the uvas reservoir. two or three men waving knives tied up the elderly couple inside of their home on bret harte drive and they stole the couple's cars to get away. the suspects remain on the loose. we're learning of an arrest in connection with a deadly home invasion robbery at a suspected brothel. las vegas police arrested a 29 year old during a traffic stop after they discovered his murder warrant out for his arrest. investigators believe he was one
6:51 am
of two men who burst into a home on january 27th of 2010. the men tied up eight people inside the home and then shot and killed the homeowner. none of the other victims were injured. the other suspect is still at large. in oakland, chp right now looking for two drivers that may have hit and killed an elderly man crossing an onramp to interstate 980. that accident happened last night. investigators say the man was hit three times but only one of the drivers stopped. chp says it appears that man who was killed may be homeless. in san francisco, a judge will decide if there's enough evidence to charge four people in the deadly shooting of an alleged pimp. prosecutors say barry builton and loopa mercado came up with a plan to kill calvin sneed. prosecutors say they targeted
6:52 am
sneed because he had been pimping their teenage daughter. sentencing day for an oakland man that pled no contest for four felony counts linked to the deadly shooting at the occupy oakland encampment in 2011. he also pleaded no contest to charges linked to the sexual assault of a woman five days after that shooting. a death row inmate with a well known bay area name will remain behind bars despite more than a dozen legal claims he hoped would free him. richard allen davis is on death row for the 1993 kidnapping and killing of 12-year-old polly klaas. he claimed that he was mentally incompetent to stand trial and he was subjected to improper law enforcement tactics like sleep deprivation and nicotine withdrawal. today an update on the specifics of a fire on board a 787 dreamliner that took place several weeks ago. that fire was found after 184
6:53 am
passengers got off that plane at boston's logan international airport. the ntsb says the fire was caused by a battery that exploded. investigators have been examining the battery parts to see exactly why it exploded. now just last week after a series of problems with those planes, the faa grounding all dreamliner flights and that includes new nonstop service at san jose international airport. education, job creation and budget concern just a few things governor jerry brown is expected to talk about this morning in his state of the state address. "today in the bay's" marla tellez joins us live in our newsroom with a preview. >> good morning. we're just about two hours away until governor brown takes the podium to deliver his third state of the state address. this is the first time he'll do so with california back in the black. this is thanks in part to prop 30 that was his big tax initiative that passed in november. the golden state is now enjoying more than $850 million surplus.
6:54 am
it is expected governor brown will taut this success in this morning's state of the state but he'll also look to the future outlining top priorities such as overhauling the state schools finance system and building a massive tunnel system for water in the central valley and constructing what would be the nation's first high-speed rail line. he'll also touch on international trade. the minutes after his speech is done, however, he's off to the first budget hearings where everything is on the table including more spending and this is where it could get hairy for brown. with democratic supermajorities in both the senate and assembly, this gives lawmakers the power to override anything brown vetoes and this is a real possibility because many of them are more liberal than he is. we'll have to wait and see what happens. now if you want to watch the state of the state, we'll stream it live on our website. that of course is it all gets under way at 9:00. we'll also bring you a live
6:55 am
report from sacramento during our 11:00 a.m. newscast. we do have a crew standing by right now at the state capitol ready to break it all down for us at 11:00. laura and jon? >> thanks so much. for curious minds out there, we can tell you california's total budget is $97 billion. >> apple can earn that amount of money in six months. >> wow. >> impressive. not impressive enough for investors. >> six months, six months and a couple weeks it will be amazing one way or the other. let's talk about the markets this morning. apple is down big. apple is down $54. almost $55 a share. that's 11% to $459 after the company reported disappointing sales of its devices. now, apple's overall value as a company is market capitalization has fallen more than hewlett packard is worth. more than the total gdp of
6:56 am
afghanistan, cambodia, zimbabwe combined. that's just the loss. i'm trying to sound over the top on this. i'm trying to help get our heads around the size of apple. netflix this morning is higher after unexpectedly good financial reports. we talk about netflix and apple and put them in the same sentence. they are both silicon valley companies after all. apple is worth $470 billion. netflix about 7. that's the difference between an asteroid and jupiter. >> this thing and this thing. >> i like that illustration. >> apple expected to stay on top. >> apple will stay on top. exxon mobile is the second largest company in the world as far as publicly traded companies and there's about a $30 billion difference still so something amazing would have to happen to exxon today for it to jump up and crossover apple. not impossible that they would swap places. >> some investors are
6:57 am
disappointed in apple but it's a case of not what have you done for me lately but what will you do for me next? >> what have you done for me in the last five seconds. they are looking ahead. apple pushed back expectations. that's the thing. apple delivers amazing numbers but people can get disappointed. that was a high flying stock. >> exactly. all right. thank you very much. let's check back in with meteorologist christina loren for one final look at what's happening outside. >> good morning. i know that drill. they love when you numbers are good. not so much when the numbers are bad. you will like numbers temperaturewise we're nice and mild this morning. rain coming down that will force a slower than normal commute. we'll get details on that from mike in just a moment standing by as i widen out you can see that we're clearing out. more rain on the way especially along the peninsula and south bay as we head throughout the evening. 57 degrees inland today. bayside, 57. 56 for you at the coast. staying comfortable temperaturewise through the weekend. if you missed your seven-day outlook, have no fear. we'll have it every 15 minutes
6:58 am
throughout the "today" show through 11:30. 6:57. let's check your drive with mike. >> christina is right. as rain comes through we do see slowing as it starts. as it's not there, traffic is moving smoothly. do watch for slick conditions. another concern i just saw a clearing. disabled big rig here past the san mateo bridge toll plaza. it cleared the screen. traffic is moving smoothly. look at the company across the bay. on the peninsula side, we do have slowing in addition to this on the east bay 880 and 680 continue to show slowdowns and castro valley y. peninsula side is an issue south 101 at 380. that reports five cars in the last few minutes with flat tires. chp heading out there. i'll tweet out what updates i have to give you if we have a closure or anything weird going on. a smooth drive into and out of the city. otherwise just slow across the bay bridge. the backup coming off the berkeley curve. metering lights are on. a look at the berkeley area. look at this westbound 80. things are getting slow because you have a lot of company
6:59 am
through richmond. back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:58. a final check of some of the day's top stories. less than ten minutes from now senator john kerry begins testifying before the senate foreign relations committee today. this is the first day of confirmation hearings to determine if he'll replace secretary of state hillary clinton. just before 11:00 this morning, outgoing defense secretary leon panetta all set to announce the pentagon reversing its stance on women serving on the front lines. official ban on female troops serving in the front lines has been in place since 1984. a water main break has crews concerned a street could collapse. public works crews have to tear up a section near sir francis drake boulevard and replace it with more stable soil after thousands of gallons of water just spilled on the street overnight. let's take you outside live right now. hp pavilion is the home of your san jose sharks. they are taking on the phoenix coyotes tonight.


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